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Best Low Maintenance Plants For Your Apartment!

    Love plants and the vibrancy it brings to your home but find them too high maintenance? No worries! Here are some hardy indoor plants that will be perfect in your home!


Golden Devil’s Ivy (Pothos)-

     This vine plant has been one of the top indoor plants for some time. It does not require direct sunlight, is known to clean and purify the air, and only needs to be watered once a week or every two weeks. You can additionally manipulate the vines that grow from this plant, and the use of clips for climbing plants makes this plant into a large, vibrant, décor in your home!


Ponytail Palm-

    This unique plant is easy and is a striking décor in any home. This plant is very popular indoors and is extremely forgiving. This plant does thrive in bright light but does not require much water at all. This plant is considered a succulent and only needs at most water every two weeks during its growing season. 


Snake Plant-

    This plant is known to be a hearty and forgiving indoor plant that requires little sunlight to survive. You only need to water this plant every two weeks and in winter months only once a month. Additionally, these plants are very easy to propagate and only require time. 



    Ferns are hardy plants that require dim light. These plants can filter the air and remove any harsh pollutants. These plants are more native to humid environments, so they will need to be misted twice a week and watered when the topsoil feels dry. There are thousands of species of ferns, so make sure your fern is meeting its watering requirements. 


    These are just a few species of plants that thrive indoors and the options are endless. Plants not only add color, personality, and uniqueness to the décor placed in your home, but they can be beneficial to your health! Please become familiar with the species of plant in your home to meet their watering requirements, soil requirements, and the safety of your pets. Some plant species are poisonous to pets if consumed.