Frequently Asked Questions

What year-round amenities do you offer?

​We have our Clubhouse, Spa, and Bbq grill & much more! Check out our amenity list for more information

What is your pet policy?

Why do your prices vary on the same floor plan?

​Pricing is based on floor level based on convenience and view.

How do I access my account?

Applicants need to login through our "Apply Now" tab. Residents login through the "Resident Portal" tab. ​

What is a guarantor and the requirements for one?

​A Guarantor is a designated person who agrees to be financially responsible for your lease in the case of default. Guarantors are primarily used if the credit report and/or financials are not quite meeting requirements. We require all guarantors to have a good credit rating and provide a monthly income of 5 times the amount of monthly rent for your applied unit.  

What does the Administration Fee cover?

​The Administration Fee covers leasing, administrative, lease generation, and lease execution expenses before move-in. Throughout your residency, our professional maintenance team will provide preventative maintenance of the unit by replacing furnace filters, light bulbs, and batteries as needed. Carpet cleaning will be complimentary upon move-out.

Are garages available to rent?

​Garages are available on a month to month contract. Call for pricing and availability.

Do you allow contracts to end early?

​We allow a Lease Buy-Out which requires a thirty (30) day written notice before your move-out date along with a Buy-Out fee. Call for more details.

What is your move-out notice requirement?

​We require a written notice sixty (60) days before your move-out date. Thirty (30) day written notice is required for a  month-to-month contract.

How do I submit a service request?

​Service requests can be submitted through Resident Portal. The portal allows you to add specific details and even upload a photo of the issue. Our team offers a maintenance satisfaction guarantee that your request will be completed within 24-hours of submission.

What is your parking like?

​We offer uncovered and covered parking for our residents.