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Perfect Patio Picks

Patios are a must have at any apartment. Luckily, here at The Falls Apartments, every unit has a patio space included! There's so much you can do with the space so we wanted to give you a few ideas on how to spruce them up and make them your own.

1. Add some outdoor furniture or chair sets
2. Hang up bulb lights or twinkling lights from the ceiling/railings
3. Potting plants and flowers or maybe even garden
4. Setting up a hammock for an elevated view and comfort
5.Try some floor pillows if you are going for a bohemian look
6. Put up a privacy wall to make the space more intimate
7. Experiment with a daybed so you can relax outside
8. Utilize outdoor rugs to add character and keep clean
9. Create a pet space for your furry friends to enjoy
10. Decorate with your favorite accessories